Mighty Lion Band Boosters Foundation

About the Mighty Lion Band Boosters Foundation (MLBBF)

The Mighty Lion Band Boosters Foundation (MLBBF) is a group of band parents who take an active role in supporting the Lafayette High School Band. We come from different backgrounds - some of us were band kids, but some were not - but we all share the common goal of seeing our kids succeed in band. We do this by providing chaperones, medical help, funding, construction, cleaning, moving equipment, and whatever else is needed to help the band kids do their best.

We also provide opportunities for parents to earn money to directly offset the costs of band camp fees, family fees, uniform fees, field trip expenses, and more. We do this by working concession stands at Festival International, Cajundome events, UL Lafayette baseball, softball and football games. All of the money earned by parents, students and family working these different events goes directly into the student's band account.

Do you want to see, up close, just how hard these kids work? Do you want to share in their hard work and success? Join the MLBBF and take an active role in helping the Mighty Lion Band reach new heights! You will get to see their achievements from the inside out. You will make new friends. And you will have newfound respect for just how hard it is to be the one of the most respected bands in the state of Louisiana and the south.

Board Members

The MLBBF board leads the charge in support of enhancing and supporting the music and marching educational experience at Lafayette High School. It relies on volunteer time and resources from the broader family of band parents, alumni, and community members. We appreciate the support!

If you are interested in serving on the board for the 2024-25 term, elections are held at the end of each school year. Nominees must have been a member of the MLBBF for the preceding year, must have accrued 20 volunteer hours in the preceding year, and must have a student in the band or color guard for the upcoming year.

2023-24 Board

  • President

    Lisa Valentin

    LHS '98, Daniel/Trumpet

  • Vice-President

    Trisha Darbonne


  • Secretary

    Donna Domingue


  • Treasurer

    Adam Swann

    Will/Sax, Henry/Sax

Board Members

  • Lauren Ashurst

    LHS '95, Luc/Trumpet, Sam/Horn

  • Jeremy Boyette


  • Renee Boyette


  • Moira Evanco


  • April LaFleur


  • Joey LaFleur


  • Kayla Leger


  • Meghan Mixon


  • Steven Musumeche


  • Adrienne Musumeche

    LHS '01, Molly/Flute

  • Jennifer Swann

    Will/Sax, Henry/Sax

  • Elias Valentin

    LHS '98, Daniel/Trumpet

  • Brandon Wallace

    LHS '98, Riley/Percussion

  • Joan Wallace

    LHS '98, Riley/Percussion

Board Documents