Mighty Lion Band Boosters Foundation


The MLBBF provides opportunities for parents to earn money to directly offset the costs of band camp fees, family fees, uniform fees, field trip expenses, and more. We do this by working concession stands at Festival International, Cajundome events, UL Lafayette baseball, softball and football games. All of the money earned by parents, students and family working these different events goes directly into the student's band account.

The best way to receive information about upcoming events is to join this Remind group. If you have any questions, please send an email to lhsbandfundraiser@gmail.com.

ULL Games

Selling concessions at ULL football, baseball & softball games is a great money making opportunity for students and parents. Parents, and band/guard students (age 14 and over) can work these events, as long there is no practice on that date.

Funds earned at these events, including cash tips and credit card tips, are shared equally among all volunteers. The money is usually received 4 to 6 weeks after the game when ULL sends a check to LHS. The money is then placed into the student's band accounts. No cash is given directly to anyone who works the games.


Everyone must be appropriately attired with a red ULL shirt (these are not furnished), black or khaki bottoms (no short shorts or shorts with holes/tears are allowed), and closed toed shoes. No sandals, crocs or slippers are allowed. Because we handle food, long hair must be tied back and up off the neck.

You must work the entire game, clean the area that you are assigned, and wait for the stand to pass inspection before being dismissed.


You can view the ULL football schedule here. The first football game is on September 2nd, 2023.

Cajundome events

Throughout the year, there are a few events at the Cajundome which we use to earn money to directly offset the costs of band camp fees, family fees, uniform fees, field trip expenses, and more. Because alcohol is sold at these events, you must have a state and parish bar card (see below).

Selling alcohol

To be able to sell alcohol, you need both a state and parish bar card. These are separate cards that are required to sell alcohol at any event, and must be kept on your person while selling alcohol. Once you have both the Louisiana Responsible Vendor and Lafayette Parish Class A & B bar cards, you are ready to go!!

Lafayette parish bar card

You will also need a Class A & B Lafayette Parish bar card. You can apply and pay for this at the Alcohol and Noise Control Office at 220 West Willow Street, Suite B. The cost for the Lafayette Parish Class A & B bar card is $50. If you apply for the parish bar card first, you will be eligible to take the Louisiana Responsible Vendor class at no charge. This class is in-person only and run through the Alcohol and Nosie Control Office.

State bar card

The state bar card can be obtained by taking an in-person class or an online course and test. The online class has varying costs dependent on the provider. You can search for a course that suits you, but here are a few websites that you can use: