Mighty Lion Band Boosters Foundation


There are many moving parts to a successful band, so it's important to stay on top of communication. The band communicates with students and parents in the following ways.


"Charms" is the application the band uses to keep track of band students and their band finances. Each band member has a Charms account which contains their demographic information, band accounts/fees and fundraiser credits information. This is the primary way that the band communicates with parents, so please ensure that you can access it.

Accessing Charms

  1. Visit the Charms website
  2. Click the "Login" button
  3. Click the tab labeled "Parents/Students/Members"
  4. Enter the school code Lafayette then click the "Enter Parent Area" button.
  5. Enter your student's password*

* In order to see your student's Charms account, you must know their password. When their account was set up, an email explaining how to set up their password was sent. We do not keep track of student passwords, so if they forget it, please contact Irene Bauer (ibauer17@lusfiber.net) to reset it.

Charms Calendar

We recommend that you add the Charms calendar to your mobile phone. You can find more information on the calendar page.


While Charms is the primary method of communication for the Band, there is also a Facebook group which is used to communicate information and answer questions from parents.


The MLBBF provides opportunities for parents to earn money to directly offset the costs of band camp fees, family fees, uniform fees, field trip expenses, and more. The best way to receive information about upcoming events is to join this Remind group. If you have any questions, please send an email to lhsbandfundraiser@gmail.com.